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The year is 2022, and bioethics has come full circle. Learn how guerilla bioethicist, Maria Vasquez, infiltrates the medical tourist transplantation operation of Dr. Wallace Jefferson and what happens when she discovers that Jefferson's illegal operating room in former US base Guantanamo Bay has become a new base of operations for Dr. Zoltan Zaros' stateside fertility clinic Pregnancy Viability Systems, Inc.
You can download a sample of the book at the bottom of this page. Help celebrate the launch by participating in an innovative contest to educate (and entertain) the public on important bioethics issues.
Here's what's involved:
  1. Read the eBook (a free version will be sent to you)
  2. Come up with a book club discussion question
  3. Write a short answer to your question to kickstart discussion
In exchange:
  1. Receive the final Kindle version of the eBook
  2. The publisher, E4, will donate a microloan via kiva.org in your name as part of its E4Good social responsibility program

To pique your interest, here's a short video about the book (originally created for the book's Kickstarter campaign):

Interested in participating? If so, here’s how:

Send the following information to E4 via email (info@e4ethics.net):
  1. Your name
  2. Your email address
  3. Why you want to participate – how you answer this open-ended question is up to you. Perhaps you have a degree in bioethics or a related field and enjoy science fiction, perhaps you don’t but hope to or are just interested in the field, perhaps you heard about the contest through social media. The reason doesn’t necessarily matter as long as you would be willing to read the eBook and provide a question and answer.
If selected, you will be sent a free version of the eBook to read. In response to the issues presented in the eBook, prepare a question that other readers would find interesting to discuss in a book club. Also prepare a commentary to answer the question of approximately 300-500 words. (In addition, since the version of the eBook you will receive is essentially a beta version of a sophisticated software program, you are encouraged to submit bugs, typos, and such. Your efforts will be rewarded by an acknowledgement in the final version of the eBook.)

If deemed worthy of E4’s educational goals, your question and answer will appear in the final version of the eBook and include a link to the discussion forum planned for the eBook’s online book club. In addition to receiving publication credit for your commentary (always good to have on one’s curriculum vitae), to thank you for your work, you will receive a gifted final version of the eBook on Amazon’s Kindle platform and a microloan will be made on your behalf to kiva.org as part of E4’s social responsibility campaign called E4Good. For more information about kiva.org, please go to their website www.kiva.org.

Download the entire contest rules below as a PDF document.
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